Pre Pregnancy Counselling


All women planning pregnancy are advised to consult their general practitioner with a view to:

  1. Detecting any clinical conditions that may be of relevance to the forthcoming pregnancy but are ideally managed prior to pregnancy

  2. Further assessment of any conditions of relevance and optimising any treatment with respect to the forthcoming pregnancy

  3. Obtaining general advice regarding personal health care in early pregnancy, in particular, medications, alcohol, X-rays, etc.

Clinical Assessment

Most important is a detailed medical history and clinical examination. The following investigations are recommended:

  1. Rubella immunity status (if this is unknown)
  2. Varicella immunity status
  3. Cervical smear

General Advice

All women planning pregnancy should receive advice with respect to:

  1. Potential teratogens in early embryogenesis (medications, alcohol, X-rays, etc.)
  2. Where and when to attend in early pregnancy
  3. Vitamin supplementation (particularly folic acid for 3 months preconception)